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As champions of St. Paul’s beautiful Lowertown neighborhood, we welcome you to this site where you will find information about an exciting proposition to improve our community still further. If you are a local property owner or resident, this plan could become a first-in-the-nation model of how to invest in improving our quality of life here. We are offering to you the resources and expertise to make this happen, all we need is your energy and approval.


Recognizing that the City of St. Paul can only do so much, and that “Improvement Districts” are usually run for the benefit of businesses, we outline here a possible framework run by – and for – property owners like you. It would give residents a voice, provide a structure to help address local concerns creatively, stimulate the imagination, and realize your dreams; an open-ended way to invest in the district we all love and call home.


Read here about the tangible benefits (and the modest costs), how it might come about, and how your concerns and visions can be heard and become real. This is the beginning of a community dialog. We welcome questions and all kinds of organizational involvement in the coming months and years. Thanks for your interest.

Our mission is to create a self-sustaining fund for Lowertown residents to invest in goods, services, and improvements that enhance our neighborhood.


Do you live in Lowertown? 

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Please note (May 2023):
We are currently prioritizing activities, advocacy, and discussion through the Lowertown Homeowners Forum. Sign up HERE and kindly join us on Facebook for more.

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